Europe Catch Up

Where have I been the past 4 months, you ask? Just over here enjoying every minute of this crazy year and definitely not writing enough blog posts…

Europe was beautiful and familiar. We had most of the luxuries of home with a slight foreign twist. Example A: Paprika flavored Pringles on every corner store shelf. Why?

So here we go with a breakdown of all 4 Europe months!

London, United Kingdom

Living/Coworking: We lived in a hip and weirdly creepy co-work/co-live building called The Collective. The rooms were brand new and spotless but super tiny – the shower was so small that shaving your legs became an Olympic-level challenge. The building was pretty far outside of the city which was a little bit limiting, but we still managed to have a great experience in the city.


  • Stonehenge
  • Tons of museums
  • Amsterdam side trip – all of the amazing food and beer you can find in one place!
  • Cutting all my hair off
  • London Pride parade – my first Pride spent with my boo and 15+ besties
  • Brexit – random timing to be witness to this historic event

Prague, Czech Republic

Likely my favorite month on RY yet. We had the perfect mix of an appropriate living situation, unique coworking space, fantastic weather, and low cost of living.

Living: Huge, clean, airy apartments with closets and a new bath tub! What more could we ask for?! Shoutout to my great roommates Lauren and Carol who made me crepes all the time.

Coworking: K10 Coworking is an old Danish Embassy building turned coworking space and a total gem. There was a personal chef and huge backyard space that was perfect for group lunches in the grass every day.


  • Chesky Krumlov side trip – old UNESCO World Heritage site that takes over a small city filled with relaxed vibes and rafting down the lazy river. And a Bone Church on the way
  • $2 beer
  • Getting back to nature after a month in a huge city
  • Berlin Pride side trip – shortly following, my second Pride also with my boo and 10+ besties. Berlin knows how to have fun…

Belgrade, Serbia

Living: The first month that Laura and I officially live together. Awwww <3! Our apartment was cute and well designed with an old squeaky wood floor. It reminded me of some of my past houses in Austin.

Coworking: Pop-up Coworking space associated with SmartOffice. Honestly, our apartment was far and uphill, so I didn’t go more than once or twice for RY events.


  • Sziget Music Fest in Budapest – 7 days of live music and festival life. Epic but exhausting. Would do again
  • Cooking at home again
  • Beautiful women everywhere – I would have never pegged Serbia for having some of the most gorgeous women in the world
  • Passing the PMP – I spent most of Prague studying and took the exam Aug 11. Passed with an almost-perfect score. Woot!

Split, Croatia

Living: Our apartment bedroom was weird and hot, so we moved the mattress into the living room and made a fort which we lived in most of the month. #notanadultyet

Coworking: WIP (Work In Progress) is the first ever RY sponsored coworking space, and we got to help design it and be the first group to test it out. Just 50 meters from the beach, the modern space was a treat to work from all month.


  • Niraj’s birthday weekend – 2 days, 1 night island hopping across the Dalmatian coast with 25+ besties
  • Sam and Justin’s visit – so great to see 2 of my favorite people and introduce them to the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Starting  Compact PMP – while studying for the PMP myself, I found that there wasn’t a great outline of only the necessary material so I made my own and I’m now helping others pass, too!
  • Epic views everywhere you look
  • Oktoberfest in Germany and MY BIRTHDAY! – Checked this off my bucket list in the most epic way possible. Will likely go down as my favorite weekend of all of RY. 26 people in a 4 bedroom/2 bath apartment. I didn’t snore!
  • That time we had to be rescued with bikes on a boat to make it back to the ferry on time. Such an unplanned adventure but those are usually the best kind 🙂

We like to joke that life on Remote Year happens at a 3x the rate of life back home and writing this blog post has put that into perspective. I have done, seen, and experienced more in the last 8 months than I ever thought was possible. Travel is the best teacher and I don’t plan to stop learning anytime soon.


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