Month 2: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Let’s start with “No, I’m not dead. Please stop asking.” Turns out Buenos Aires (BA) is a super badass city with an un-doable amount of stuff to do, but I’m trying to get it all in.


  • Fuerza Bruta – this insane interactive live show with water, confetti, a running man, gunshots, and ceiling acrobats. I’m going back again this weekend if that says anything.
  • Lollapalooza Argentina – you can’t escape a C3 event, even across the globe. Got to see Die Antwoord, Mumford and Sons, Odessa, Zeds Dead, Florence and the Machine, Kaskade, and Alabama Shakes. Rolling 40 people deep makes you feel like a rockstar. Moshing with 12 year olds makes you feel like a washed up rockstar.
  • Recoleta Cemetery – seriously the most gorgeous cemetery I have ever seen. I’ve always been oddly obsessed with how different societies immortalize the dead. Argentina is winning.
  • El Tigre – day trip by train to a sleepy little city only accessible by boat. Like, the school bus is a boat. Really cool Chinatown, river ferry tour, PUPPIES(!!!), and giant bubbles.


  • Being sick – the first 4 days here I had a 102+ fever, chills/sweats, 2 trips to the doctor, and a shot in the butt. Weee!
  • Becoming Nocturnal – You think NYC is the city that never sleeps?! I guarantee BA has them beat. Clubs don’t open until 1am and it’s extremely common to watch the sunrise multiple days in a row. Now you guys know I’m an old grandma and can’t hang that late, but the lifestyle has rubbed off on me some.
  • Bad Wifi – how am I supposed to watch my novelas?! Jk, the streaming isn’t great but I shouldn’t be watching TV anyway, right?


This month, our group of 75 is split up between 5 or so apart-hotels which is exactly what it sounds like = part hotel, part apartment. (Side note- I physically cannot type “part” without adding then deleting the y at the end. Great habits, Jessie). 

I’m in Byblos and my lovely little roomie is DJ TJ. This is cribs tour last month but you can anticipate this month’s coming soon and see the apartment for yourself. It’s really nice compared to The Austral (affectionately called the Asshole) in Montevideo. We have a balcony with a view, kitchen, and real pillows!



The workspace this month, La Maquinita, is no Sinergia from last month, but it’s a very nice, clean, bright place to work. The coffee machine is baller and is hands-down the best feature of the place. It’s louder than I would prefer and this has kept some remotes to working from home or cute local cafes. When no one is there the wifi is awesome. Bye Felicia!

More on actual *coughworkcough* in an upcoming post…

2 Wheels

I got a free, kickass bicycle that FOLDS into a travel case. It was born in Japan and made the long journey across the Pacific with our fearless leader Jesse Gross (shoutout!) Turns out he actually hates riding bikes and we have the whole same-name thing going, which has really worked out for me. I plan to keep this baby with me as long as possible and maybe, just maybe, make it all the way back to the US. Wish me luck!


Overall, I’m still having a great time and learning so much about myself and the world. We’re headed out to La Paz, Bolivia this coming Sunday but I just have a feeling I’ll be back to Buenos Aires one day. Seriously, the Reciprocity Fee is $160 for 10 years and you know how much I like to get a good bang for my buck! 🙂


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