Month 1: Montevideo, Uruguay

Many of my peers have been able to write smart, thoughtful posts about their feelings and shit, but I’m not there yet. Instead, here is a long list of cool things I’ve done so far:

  • Unofficial Welcome Party – a small group of us were the first ones at the Brickell Irish Pub and I mentioned to our server that we had some people meeting us. He asked how many, and when I said “uhhh, 50?” he laughed in my face. Fast forward 20 mins and an entire parade of people round the corner and swarm the entire bar. Welcome to Remote Year.
  • Celebration of Yemanja – thousand Uruguayans arrive to the beaches to celebrate and sacrifice to the goddess of the Sea. Highlight was our human lettering in the middle of the ocean. The rest of the festival was people throwing styrofoam into the water so not totally into the idea myself.
  • Local Cooking Class – a small group of 10 met at Chef Martan’s incredible home to learn to cook and drink wine (already knew that one…). Dinner was braised lamb, veggie roll ups, peach chutney, twice baked potatoes, quinoa salad, and chicken liver pate.
  • Bubble Soccer – exactly what it sounds like…wait, wut? You put on a bubble backpack and play soccer. Leave it to me to get a semi-serious injury in the first 10 minutes, do nothing about it, and limp for the next 3 days. Other than broken toes and rolling around in other people’s sweat, it’s a great time!
  • Official Welcome Party – private party at an awesome speakeasy with DJ and two whole free drink tickets! I can’t even tell you the last time I danced for 3 hours straight. This crew can break it down!
  • Craft Beer Tasting – Uruguayan craft beers paired with a 4 course dinner. Organized by yours truly and had great reviews from the group. For all my Austin beer friends, the demand here is far greater than the supply. There are only about 20 craft breweries in the whole country. Business opp anyone??
  • Punta Del Este – spur of the moment trip up the coast to the most popular beaches in Uruguay. My friend Heather and I made the decision to go and were packed and on the bus within the hour, which is super impressive. The beaches are gorgeous, our AirBnb definitely did not suck, and we met up with an awesome group. Ask Heather why I laughed until my abs were sore. #noregrets
  • Carnival – Montevideo is actually known as one of the best Carnival destinations behind Rio de Janeiro. Honestly, pretty anticlimactic since I’m super short and couldn’t see a thing. Did get some fun face paint though.
  • English Immersion BBQ – somewhat tricked into this one, but so glad I went. Rachel was invited to a local BBQ on one of our group outings and asked that I tag along in case it was a bunch of dudes standing around watching meat cook. Instead, we walked into the penthouse of a highrise in the center of the city and met a group of teenage girls on an English immersion program from Brazil. The goal is that they only speak English for an entire week while traveling. We played games, talked about their dreams for the future, and shared insight on living abroad. It was actually hard to say goodbye to these lovely young women.

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According to the above, all we do here is drink, BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE! People actually work full business hours during the days, I promise. People = everyone except me 🙂

As I mentioned, a few other Remotes have done a really good job documenting our journey so far. Since I can’t get it together enough to write actual thoughts down, I’ll leave it up to these 2 lovely ladies who echo much of what I’m feeling as a participant on RY2.

Katherine Conway“Many of us have joked that this whole Remote Year experience is like adult summer camp — more so than we imagined or anticipated”

Taylor Coil – “I’m not in pain and I’m not struggling. Montevideo is not my favorite place in the world, but I’m so grateful to be here.”


One comment

  1. Micah · February 16, 2016

    Sounds like a blast so far. Glad you’re having a great time!


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