Getting Real

Merry Christmas, y’all! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing time with family! Especially if you’re in the South and still wearing shorts like me ūüôā

I was lucky enough to spend the last week visiting my amazing friends Sam and Justin in St. Pete, FL. We ate great food, hosted a fancy dinner party, had a couch day marathon, visited breweries, boated to a private island, attended my first and Sam’s 1 millionth West Coast Swing dance lesson, and ended almost every night in the hot tub. I didn’t set one alarm the entire time – it was amazing and much needed after the past few crazy months.

PIC you are my sunshine

Mural on Central Ave, St. Pete. Imagine South Congress, Austin.

After vacation and Christmas with family, there aren’t any other big “landmarks” before heading out on Remote Year and (omg) it’s getting real!¬†I had a minor freakout the other day when I actually wrote down my next steps in life. I mean, I’m fully aware of each decisions individually but finally seeing them at once¬†is a whole different beast. Here we go:

  • Leaving my job Dec 31, 2015
  • Starting an online business – shout out¬†to Shit Hipsters Like
  • Managing¬†3 houses from abroad
  • Oh, and moving out of the country for a YEAR!

It sounds crazy, but I know I can do it and I (mostly) know what I’m doing. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe¬†the outcome will¬†be amazing and life changing.¬†That being said, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment.

I have the current support of amazing friends and family and the future support of 75 others in very similar life situations.¬†So guys –¬†I need a little bit of help. Please remind me why I’m taking this huge leap of faith, tell me that it will be better than alright, and maybe throw in your most embarrassing moment for funsies and so I can say “wow, at least I didn’t poop MY¬†pants at prom!”

Also, please please please buy some hipster shit from my store, launching Jan 9, 2016.¬†You’re all basically hipsters so I know you want it anyway…k.thanks!

Final thought to get me through the coming weeks:

PIC do the work

Serenity now, serenity now, serenity now





One comment

  1. martinsmith2013 · December 26, 2015

    Looking forward to the store launch — I’ve got it bookmarked! Do you deliver to Montevideo? ūüôā


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